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Wawa Will Now Cater Your Thanksgiving Meal

Wawa Will Now Cater Your Thanksgiving Meal.

Wawa has launched a catering service. This Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain will cater to your birthday party, wedding, and Thanksgiving.

Wawa announced this new service on November 11. For now, this catering service is only available to residents of the Philadelphia area, but more services are planned.

To reserve catering services, visit or call 855-929-2246. When doing so, provide event details such as the number of guests, time, location, date, and whether the order will be picked up or delivered.

Wawa Will Now Cater Your Thanksgiving Meal

Good news for hosts who agonize every time Thanksgiving approaches: one of Philadelphia’s best-loved convenience store chains is catering to turkeys.

Wawa announced its new catering operation this week, and the restaurant’s famous Gobbler Hoagie is on the menu. What it looks like. The favourite Thanksgiving-themed hoagie inspires Wawa’s 16-person Gobbler bar. The bar includes a 16-pack of Shorty Rolls, two pans of hot turkey with gravy, a pan of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Your New ThanksGiving Dining Option

Also available are Wawa’s Meatball Bar (meatballs, Shorty Rolls, provolone and parmesan cheese) and the Mac & Cheese Bar (that’s right), in case you want to add a little extra flavour to your Thanksgiving feast (or whatever event you want to host).

And let’s remember Wawa’s, Cheesesteak Bar. This bar contains a Shorty roll, two beef or chicken steaks, cheddar cheese sauce and ketchup in one container. (You must provide your onions).
Gobbler bar at $124.99; meatball and cheesesteak bars at $99.99 each; macaroni and cheese bar at $49.99. 16 each.

Currently, Wawa’s Catering is only available in Centre City and the surrounding area (which, according to a spokesperson, includes Spring Garden and South Street, University City, South Philly near the stadium, and Navy Yard), but plans to expand.

Steve Hackett, Wawa’s catering delivery project manager, said, “We are delighted to offer the Wawa experience to our hometown customers in their homes, offices, and social spaces with a fully customized experience.”

Wawa’s dining options include breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Customers can order a bagel tray, sizzle box, hoagie box, soup, soft pretzels, coffee and more. Interested parties should visit You can choose delivery or pickup, select the date, time and number of guests for the event, and design the menu. On the day of the event, a Wawa caterer will assist you.

So far, there are made-to-order Hoagie Boxes, Salads, Sizzle Boxes, and Fruit Parfaits. The highlight is the Philly Snack Box with Tastykake Krimpets, Soft Pretzels, Peanut Chews, and Wawa Coffee Thins.
You can order the Meatball Bar, Cheese Steak Bar, and Macaroni and Cheese Bar on the hot menu. There’s also Wawa Coffee (and other beverages).

There is also a Gobbler Bar where you can make your own Thanksgiving hoagie (with rolls, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce). The Gobbler Bar, like its namesake hoagie, is seasonal.

Contact Wawa

Wawa’s delivers Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm. If you would like Wawa’s catering at other times, please call the service line at 855-929-2246. Orders must also be placed by 2 pm the day before the event for which catering is desired.

However, according to Wawa’s website, they will do their best to accommodate customers who still need to complete this deadline by calling 855-929-2246.

The minimum order for catering is $100. There is also a 15% service charge for delivery (but capped at $25). They do not require a tip for delivery staff.

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