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Wawa Mission Statement In 2023

What Is The Mission Statement?

Wawa’s mission statement is a public document that details the values and strategic objectives of Wawa.

Wawa’s mission statement also identifies the purpose of the organization’s existence and highlights the services and products it provides.

In addition, the mission statement also identifies the operational goals of the Wawa organization, the processes the company uses to achieve them, the customer groups it targets, and the geographic areas in which the company operates.

Wawa mission and vision statement

Components Of The Mission Statement

Customer Satisfaction

Wawa’s mission statement focuses on addressing the issue of customer satisfaction. Wawa’s mission statement identifies target customer groups and determines their needs and demands.

The mission statement considers how the company’s products and services will work to increase customer satisfaction among its target customers.

Based on Core Competencies

Wawa’s mission statement is based on its integral strengths and competencies.

This is important to Wawa because the mission statement will highlight the various systems and processes and the company’s strategic tactics to achieve its organizational and strategic goals.

Achievement of the plans will depend on how well Wawa leverages its core competencies.

Realistic and Clear

Wawa’s mission statement is also realistic and clear. When crafting the mission statement, uses simple, stringy, and easily understood words and phrases.

Clarity is essential so that all relevant stakeholders of Wawa understand the mission statement. In addition, Wawa’s mission statement is realistic so that the various set goals and objectives can be achieved.

Motivating and Inspiring

Wawa’s mission statement inspires its employees and workforce to perform at their optimum best to achieve Wawa’s goals.

The Wawa mission statement is also inspirational because it raises the need for personal growth and advancement to better the company and themselves.

Specific and incisive

Wawa Corporation’s mission statement is precise and to the point. It is easy to understand and tells the audience what they need to know about Wawa’s offerings and business.

Keeping the mission statement short, sharp, and to the point is essential to communicate the company’s position to stakeholders successfully and not stretch it out into long pages of repetition and unimportant parts.

Reflect on what the company offers.

A company’s mission statement should be based on what the company offers in terms of products and services.

In other words, Wawa’s mission statement emphasizes what the company provides while ensuring its offerings align with its stated values. Thus, Wawa’s mission statement reveals the ethical basis for the company’s systematic commitment to its offerings.

How To Develop A Mission Statement

To develop a successful mission statement, it is essential to follow these steps and answer the following questions.

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What Does Wawa Do?

  • Define the purpose of Wawa.
  • Define its brief history.
  • Define the need for Wawa to exist.

How Does Wawa Inc Manage To Achieve Its Promised Offerings?

  • Describe the systems and operations employed by Wawa.
  • Identify relevant ethical policies in place at Wawa.
  • Emphasize the use of transparency in all matters at Wawa.
  • Define Wawa’s processes to deliver the promised goods to target customer groups.

Who Does Wawa Produce Offerings For?

  • Define the target market customers of Wawa.
  • Define target market customers from different geographies as well
  • Wawa could explore secondary target market groups and define them in the mission statement.

What Value Does Wawa Add?

  • Define the added value that Wawa brings to the lives of its customers.
  • Define the purpose of Wawa offerings.
  • Emphasize the importance of Wawa in the life of the customer.

How To Make Your Mission Statement A Reality


Wawa should communicate its mission statement to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, the public, and the government.

In addition, Wawa Corporation should keep the mission statement transparent and accessible at all times.


Wawa should encourage employees to receive training as needed to fulfil the requirements of the mission statement. Wawa should hold regular workshops to refine and still in its employees the values defined in the mission statement.

Goal Setting

Wawa should develop SMART goals to achieve the strategic objectives identified in the mission statement.

Wawa should also develop an ethical rationale that aligns with the mission statement. Wawa should keep the goals flexible, but the means to achieve the goals should be rigorous and reflect the values developed in the mission statement.

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