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What So Great About Wawa? Things To Know About The Cult Favorite

What So Great About Wawa? – Things To Know About The Cult Favorite Coming To Kentucky

The chain is eager to capitalize on its hard-won popularity. Still, experts say it needs to be careful not to expand too much and maintain high viability in areas such as food service. Few convenience store chains can match Wawa’s appeal.

Headquartered in a Philadelphia suburb, the company has gained popularity for its extensive fresh food program that rivals nearby quick-service restaurants.

Wawa has also been a leader in many innovations throughout the c-store industry, introducing self-checkout, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, fuel-less store concepts, and even drive-throughs in various recent years.

What so great about Wawa

Things To Know About The Cult Favorite Coming To Kentucky

Whether it’s the famous hoagie or scrappy social media content, Wawa has developed a cult following over the years. When word gets out that a new Wawa location is being built in a rural area, eyebrows are raised.

Jeff Leonard knows this firsthand. Not only because he is NACS’ Vice President of Strategic Industry Initiatives but because he has experienced the Wawa hype.

A while back, when word got out that there was going to be a Wawa in his hometown of Falls Church, Virginia, “the neighbours were excited,” he said.

But when people hear that Wawa is coming,” he said, “people get excited, and probably competitors get very nervous.

And now, Wawa is taking that excitement to new heights. After years of success and growing its reputation, the company is looking to capitalize on its popular image by rapidly increasing the number of its stores.

Wawa is coming to Kentucky. Why? What is so great about this convenience store/gas station?

The Pennsylvania-based gas station/convenience store chain announced Wednesday that it plans to expand into Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana after Tennessee after 2025.

More specific information is expected to be released next year, including the timing of the expansion and the number of stores.

Tennessee’s first Wawa is slated to open in Nashville in 2025, possibly with 40 stores planned.

This comes after Texas-based Buc-ee’s opened its first Kentucky location in Richmond in 2022, with plans to open more stores throughout Kentucky.

Extensive Coffee & Breakfast Options

People rave about the coffee. Really. It’s fresh, hot, and brewed just as you like it. And it’s cheap.

Leave a little extra for the Sizzleri Breakfast Sandwich—bagels or croissants with eggs and cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, Hoagies, etc.

If you’re looking for lunch, check out Hoagies and Sandwiches. There are classic 10-inch hoagies, 6-inch “Shorty” subs, and 4-inch juniors, including meatballs, cheesesteaks, hot turkey with gravy, and 11 different cold types.

And if you’re looking for something else, Wawa makes custom bowls of mac and cheese. There are also paninis and quesadillas. They also have smoothies and milkshakes.

Wawa’s Strengths

Wawa stores are known for their excellent customer service, cheap gas, accessible ATMs, and clean restrooms.

They are also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Goose & The Secret Menu

Why is it called “Wawa”? The name is based on a Native American word meaning Canada goose, hence the goose in the logo.

Speaking of geese, when you touch the goose icon on the ordering touchscreen, a secret menu with specials, such as birthday milkshakes, pops up.

Wawa Updates & Latest News

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