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13 Most Popular Wawa Sandwiches

Wawa is a popular convenience store known for its excellent service and affordable prices, offering a variety of delicious foods to keep you going through a busy day.

Wawa stores are located on the East Coast in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Florida.

In addition to outstanding service and reasonable gas prices, Wawa also sells excellent food that tastes just as good as it does in casual dining.

No matter your taste or budget, you will find something on Wawa’s menu to quench your hunger and get you ready to hit the open road.

Popular Wawa Sandwiches

Next time you are near or at Wawa, try one of these delicious premium sandwiches. You won’t be hungry, and you won’t be disappointed.

Wawa Sandwiches

13 Most Popular Wawa Sandwiches are given below.

  1. Classic Italian Hoagie.
  2. Gobler.
  3. BLT.
  4. Pepperoni Hoagies.
  5. Meatball sandwich.
  6. Turkey Hoagie.
  7. Cheesesteak.
  8. Turkey Club.
  9. Roasted Veggie Hoagie.
  10. Chicken Salad Sandwich.
  11. Ham Hoagie.
  12. Cheese Hoagie.

Classic Italian hoagie

For a taste of Italy, nothing beats Wawa’s Classic Italian Hoagie. Blending traditional flavours with mouthwatering ingredients, this classic sandwich is one of the best Wawa hoagies.

It’s the perfect combination of flavours topped with fresh cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. It is served with provolone cheese as standard, but you can also ask for a different type of cheese.


With turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy, this sandwich is all about Thanksgiving and holiday flavours. Tuck it into a hoagie roll, and you’ll feel like Christmas has come early.

Another version of this seasonal treat is the hot sandwich. You can opt for the Gobbler Hoagie with Mashed Potatoes, which consists of mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and garlic aioli. The mashed potatoes can be changed to sweet potatoes.

For a hearty meal, try the Gobbler Bowl. It consists of mashed or sweet potatoes topped with gravy and served with turkey, cranberry sauce, and plenty of stuffing. However, the Gobbler will only be purchased at select participating locations in December.


This delicious sandwich has all the ingredients one would expect in a BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and dressing – to make your mouth water with delight. That doesn’t happen at Wawa. Thanks to the generous amount of bacon, you can enjoy the crunchy texture of each bite.

Shredded lettuce is easy to eat and provides important vegetables for a balanced meal. The ratio of bacon to vegetables is perfect. Add mustard instead of mayonnaise, and you have the best BLT ever.

Pepperoni Hoagies

We have mentioned the classic Italian sub, but Wawa offers various hoagies. Pepperoni hoagies are a unique menu item in Wawa and are hard to find. Some places sell them; others don’t. But if you are up for an adventure, it is worth it if you can see this pepperoni gem.

Biting into this sub tastes more like a warm, fresh hoagie roll than a pizza. And you don’t have to stick with the standard version. You can customize the pepperoni hoagie and change the cheese, dressing, and vegetables to your liking. We recommend provolone cheese, onion, olives, and tomatoes. The taste of the pizza remains the same but with a twist of flavour.

Meatball Sandwich

This classic takes it further with the perfect combination of delicious meatballs stuffed into a soft hoagie roll. The cheese-to-meatball ratio is just correct. And the meatballs are manageable for the bread and vice versa. It also contains gooey, mouthwatering cheese that balances perfectly with the meatballs and bread. For carnivores, there’s nothing better than a Wawa meatball sandwich.

Turkey Hoagie

Wawa’s Turkey Hoagie may be just what you want if you want something hearty and traditional. The best part about this sandwich is that you can customize it however you like.

It tastes fantastic in its purest form with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and oil or mayonnaise, but you can also opt for more extravagant fillings. You can even choose bell peppers, olives, and various dressings to vary the flavour. Once you get your hands on this sub, you will be amazed at its size. You will love this traditional hoagie.


There is no better comfort food than Wawa’s cheesesteak. This meaty, cheesy sandwich is full of flavour and satisfies every palate.

If you’re on a diet, avoid Wawa’s cheesesteaks, as they are unhealthy. But as an occasional treat (and who doesn’t like to eat once in a while?), this sandwich, filled with cheese and hot meat, is a splendid delicacy. Please share if you find it a little big for one, especially if you are not that hungry. But if you feel like a hearty meal, try it with a carbonated beverage and potato chips.

Turkey Club

Wawa’s Turkey Club is a classic that needs no introduction and uses premium ingredients to create the freshest, most delicious sandwich. With the addition of a special sauce, this turkey club is one of the best we’ve ever tried.

When it comes to choosing toppings for this club, there are a few limits. However, we recommend the chipotle mayo, which adds a beautiful creamy texture to the sandwich and perfectly balances the spices. The club’s turkey is thinly sliced and pairs amazingly well with the smoky applewood bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and American cheese.

Chicken Finger Hoagies

Wawa’s Chicken Finger Hoagies are two of Wawa’s popular offerings: crispy breaded chicken tenders and soft hoagies. The subs come with chicken tenders and are topped with vegetables, dressing, and cheese. The best combo is lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Roasted Veggie Hoagie

Another famous hoagie at Wawa is the Roasted Veggie Sandwich. This is a delicious and easy way to get essential vegetables into your healthy, balanced diet.

While many subs are meat-based, this vegetable menu stands out. This sub is refreshing, healthy, and highly flavorful, made with seasonal vegetables. Each bite offers a combination of squash, tomatoes, and spinach. And the addition of provolone cheese adds even more texture and flavour.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

The juicy, tender chicken cuts and creamy mayo make Wawa’s chicken salad sandwich one of the best you’ll have at the restaurant. As always, this sandwich’s balance and proportion of ingredients are exquisite. This allows you to enjoy all the flavours in every bite.

Nothing could be simpler than this sandwich, but its premium ingredients stand out. The portions are just right, and you won’t feel full after eating them.

Ham Hoagie

Wawa likes to keep its sandwiches reasonably simple. And nothing is more straightforward than a ham sub. Consisting of thin slices of ham, this sandwich is topped with salt, pepper, vegetables, and oil—a simple but delicious ham sandwich, perfect for a quick snack on the road.

Cheese Hoagie

Love cheese? Treat your taste buds with a cheese hoagie from Wawa. Made with all the cheeses in Wawa, this sub also comes with various toppings.

Not all cheeses harmonize, so that it may be too cheesy for some. However, Wawa’s cheese hoagie has just the right amount of flavour.


Known as one of the most popular gas stations on the East Coast, Wawa is also famous for its affordable and delicious food.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a hard day’s work or want to relax for the time being, there’s sure to be something to suit your appetite at Wawa’s sandwiches.

The above sandwiches are trendy among Wawa’s regulars, and once you try one, you will soon become a Wawa regular too. Be sure to check it out to find the hidden gems. You might find more hoagies to satisfy your taste buds.

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